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Olympic Jobs FAQ's


If you are looking for a job at the Olympic Games in London 2012 check out the FAQ's about working at the games and for Sodexo Prestige in the Olympic Park.

FAQs for people interested in applying to Sodexo Prestige

1) If I am offered a role, who I be employed by?

You will be employed by Sodexo Prestige who been approved by London 2012 as the caterer for the South of the Olympic Park

2) Are all the jobs based in London?

Most of the roles with Sodexo will be based in London.

3) When will the jobs start and finish?

There is a wide range of jobs, with length of contract and start date varying accordingly. Most contracts will start around the time of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games next summer – July and August 2012.

4) Are there any restrictions on non-UK citizens applying?

If you’re not a UK citizen you must have a work visa valid until 9 November 2012.

5) Why is recruitment taking place so early?

Sodexo Prestige are starting recruitment now, as they have to put all Games-time employees through a security-screening process known as accreditation. Applications for accreditation close in April 2012 so London 2012 Contractors need to complete their Games-time recruitment before then.

6) What is accreditation – and why do I need it to work at Games time?

Anyone working at an official London 2012 venue will need to complete London 2012’s security checks – a process known as ‘accreditation’. You will not gain access to site without this.

7) Will I get any training?

Yes, London 2012 contractors will provide any training that is required.

8) Is there a chance of a permanent role once the Games have finished?

London 2012 Contractors are recruiting people for short-term contracts to cover only the Games-time period. Many London 2012 Contractors are event specialists and may have employment opportunities elsewhere in their businesses after the Games. Students who find roles through the summer job of a lifetime campaign will be able to boast experience of working on a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games – which will help build a CV and range of workplace skills and competencies.

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