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Excitement is mounting with the Sodexo Prestige Olympic catering team


The excitement and enthusiasm within the Olympics team at Sodexo Prestige is rapidly building and, with less than a year to go before the 2012 Olympics begins, minute details and plans are being put together to create the inspired and innovative catering for Olympic Park South.

The team has been busy researching street traders that could work with Sodexo during the event, which will give small, independent companies such as those selling Churros on the South Bank a fantastic opportunity.

The team is also working hard to ensure all our catering is not only gastronomically sensational, but also ethical and sustainable. We can proudly say that all our products will be sustainable produce and Red Tractor certified.

The sheer enormity of the project is hard to believe, but here are a few fun facts to help put it into context:

  • We will be providing 60,000 butter portions - that's 540,000g, enough to spread a piece of toast measuring 7,972 square miles; larger than the size of Lancashire and Yorkshire combined!
  • We will be selling 1.5 million bottles of soft drink totalling 750, 000 litres - enough to fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools
  • We will be serving 41,632 canapés during the opening and closing ceremonies which, stacked on top of each other, would be nearly seven times the height of Big Ben
  • We will be offering 11,200kg of curry - that's 552 years worth of your Friday night takeaway!
  • We will be using 70 kg of honey, which will have taken 86,343 bees to make who would have covered a distance equal to 338-and-a-half times around the world

The success of such an incredible feat will be driven by the dedication and passion of all those involved - and those involved include you!

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